I’m the New Stocktwits Chief Community Officer!

Last month, I sat with Justin and Ian at StockTwits HQ and they walked me through Trade App, member FINRA/SIPC, which is scheduled to launch on September 25. I was impressed with the development of the technology, as I mentioned that day in the tweet below. Trade App is a commission-free mobile first trading platform with a social feature set that I can’t write about just yet. In addition...

The Return of Eight Fat Swine

Back in 2006, I had this blog called Eight Fat Swine where I wrote about investor experience, the psychology of social media and other stuff. I let the URL lapse and someone squatted on it for 10 freakin’ years. A few months back, I noticed the URL was available again so I scooped it back up and here I am writing a second intro post. Here is the original intro post from November 2006...

Warriors: Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns

Back in the day when they still fought 15 rounds, Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns were warriors. They still inspire a strong work ethic, strength, smarts, quickness, discipline, and the willingness to endure.

You can watch their brilliant 1981 Showdown here: