The Return of Eight Fat Swine

Back in 2006, I had this blog called Eight Fat Swine where I wrote about investor experience, the psychology of social media and other stuff. I let the URL lapse and someone squatted on it for 10 freakin’ years.

A few months back, I noticed the URL was available again so I scooped it back up and here I am writing a second intro post.

Here is the original intro post from November 2006 courtesy of the Internet Archive Way Back Machine.

This Return of Eight Fat Swine will adhere in spirit to the original with some critical updates around how I approach experience and adaptation. For now, I can best summarize this focus update like:

  1. Otherwise healthy people behave irrationally across multiple settings and not just in markets.
  2. Behavioral Economics desperately needs a coherent meta-theoretical model and is failing to integrate emotional experience and as a prescriptive model.
  3. Adaptive change processes can be applied across modes of experience and I will write about health, work, parenting, time, and relationships as well as markets.
  4. I’m a write about music probably too.

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